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Custom Truck Bed Rod Holder

I’ve been thinking about fabricating a simple rod rack for my truck for a while now and finally figured out a low-cost, low-profile solution. This mod is simple and can be easily modified to fit other trucks. The key for my Titan was the Superstrut ¼” cone nut sold at Lowes. These fit in my Nissan Utili-Track system perfectly. In this mod segment I will show you how to build your own.

Total Cost: $45

Time to construct: 1 hour

Difficulty Level: Novice

Tools Needed: Jigsaw or hacksaw, PVC cement and primer, Drill with ¼” bit

Parts needed (The PVC fittings and lengths will vary depending on preference and the width of your truck bed):

1 x 5’ section 1 ¼” Schedule 40 PVC

8 x 1 ¼” PVC Cross fittings

1 pack (5) Superstrut ¼” Cone Nuts

4 x 2 ½” x ¼” Lag Bolts

4 x Lock Washers

1 Can of Rustoleum Hammered Black Spray Paint

Step 1:

Measure the width of your truck bed. Subtract an Inch or so to work with an even number. My bed width was right at 61.5” so I went with 60”. Cut PVC to even lengths for spacers between the crosses which are 4.25” wide. Allow for 1” into each fitting as well as 2” for each end cap. I cut 7 x 5.5” spacers for 3.5” between each cross, as well as 2 x 1” pieces to go between the end crosses and end caps.


Step 2:

Use a sharpie and a quarter to mark 1” from both ends of each spacer. This will ensure that all of your spacers are set at even depths in the fittings when cementing. Assemble all pieces using PVC Primer and Cement in a straight line. If you are unsure of measurement you can assemble without priming and cementing first, but be prepared to have a rough time getting all of the spacers back out of the fittings.


Step 3: Decide where you will mount the supports and drill ¼” holes through the PVC for the lag bolts. Remember to drill through the edge of the fittings and not the spacers as the fitting will be sitting flush against the bed. Insert the lag bolts with lock washers through the holes you’ve drilled. Remove the plastic cones from the base nut with pliers. Attach the SuperStrut Nuts to the lag bolts very loosely ensuring the track grooves are facing the rod holder. Mount the rod holder into the track and turn the Cone Nuts 90◦ to lock them in. Tighten the lag bolts down with even pressure.


Step 4 (optional):

Paint the rod holder to match your truck or whatever color you can live with. This really gives it a polished look! Enjoy your new low profile rod holder that costs hundreds less than retail!


Jay Kania

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  1. By: Lennon

    on: July 15, 2013 . Reply

    Mount the rod holder into the track and turn the Cone Nuts 90◦ to lock them in. Tighten the lag bolts down with even pressure. Can you be more specific on this part please?

    • By: Jay

      on: August 1, 2013 . Reply

      Sure. the track cone nuts can only go in the track longways. once they get past the top and bottom lip you turn them 90 degrees in either direction so they are being held in place. The lag bolts will lock everything down.



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