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About Yangler
When the founders of Yangler got into kayak fishing, we went in search of performance gear and apparel that was both comfortable and functional. We also wanted gear that conveyed our loyalty to the sport to the masses. It didn’t take long to realize the market was scarce. Yangler was formed to ensure that kayak fishermen have a choice. We take kayak fishing very seriously, and our gear is no exception. We understand kayak angler comfort and function because we ARE kayak anglers.
Jay Kania | Co-Founder

some_text Jay, born into a family of avid fishermen, has been fishing since he was old enough to walk.

After discovering kayak fishing in 2010, he knew he wanted to be a Yangler when he grew up, and grown up he has. When he isn’t on the water chasing tail, he is likely modifying his or someone else’s kayak.


Doug Jolly | Co-Founder

some_text Doug hails from Canada...America's hat. You may be wondering how this Crazy Canuck found his way into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. That's a fair question. Some of you may even wish that this rough rugby rabble rouser would relocate back to the North. That's where you'd be wrong.


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